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Sue Jane Taylor is no stranger to extreme working environments. She has worked for over thirty years recording the lives of workers in the North Sea oil industry on sites such as Piper Alpha, Piper B, Forties platforms and recently Murchison in the Northern Seas. Her work extends to the offshore renewable energy industry where she has followed for example Beatrice prototypes, deep water offshore wind turbines, from fabrication to offshore installation.

Throughout her career she has collaborated with internationally known artists on public projects such as composer James MacMillan and poet Aonghas MacNeacail. Education programmes are important to her where she passes on her skills and knowledge to young and old emphasising that visual art is still an important method of documentation in this ever-changing world.

Sue Jane Taylor graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen, the Slade School of Fine Art, London and Konsthogskolan, Stockholm. She is a Glenfiddich Living Scotland Award recipient and she has exhibited, carried out public commissions and held artist-residencies nationally and internationally; Pier Arts Centre Orkney Isles, South Bank London, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, New England Museum, NSW, Australia and Grafiska Sallskapit Galleri Stockholm. She is the author of six books.

“She is an artist in thrall to the ingenious, raw beauty of these structures, but one who is also keenly aware of the equally exciting visuals provided by the continual energy of the wind and sea.”
Giles Sutherland Scottish art critic, “The Times”.

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Sue Jane Taylor’s work raises important questions about the relationship between art, environment and industry. The human element of labour in relation to environment is a particular focus of her work: Oilwork: North Sea Diaries 1984-2004, Kromer Hat Clydebank 1991-3, Mineworks 2008-9, Beatrice Works 2006-2009


BW etching suite 6The launch, Cromarty Firth web BW Sketch North Sea Diver's Helmet web

Sue Jane Taylor has carried out public commissions throughout her career : Piper Alpha Memorial 1991, Kromer Hat Clydebank 1993, “I”(meditation on Iona) 1997 and 7 Gates Wick 2007.

“The decoration on this Clydebank kromer has no swagger about it, nothing brash or noisy. Delicately it suggests the four petals of a rose, the poet Hugh MacDiarmid’s “little white rose of Scotland that smells sharp and sweet- and breaks the heart”.
W Gordon Smith, “Scotland on Sunday”.

Bill Barron Survivor PA Memorial Central Figure SSA crop


Sue Jane Taylor has been involved in many educational arts programmes: Lead Artist Wick 2003-2007, Art in Engineering, Beatrice Works 2013.


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BW art in engin Matthew - South web

Sue Jane Taylor has held artist in residencies all over the world: Wick and Clydebank Scotland, National Maritime Museum Greenwich England to New England Museum NSW and LARQ western Tasmania, Australia.

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Sue Jane Taylor is author of six book publications: Kromer Hat 1993;From Highland Drove to the Australian Outback 1998; A’Chraobh: the tree 2000;Oilwork North Sea Diaries 2005;Beatrice Works 2013;Mineworks 2009.

“Her diary extracts, which are fascinating to read, contrast the cleanliness and order of the European manufacturing sites, where clean technologies prevail, with the raw energy of the Scottish fabrication yards and their workers”
Giles Scottish art critic, “The Times”.

Kromer Hat exhibition catalogue 1993 web


Sue Jane Taylor runs a small printmaking workshop with her partner Ian Westacott.
Artists Lotte Glob, Sylvia Wishart, Frances Walker, Joanne B Kaar, Diane MacLean, Pat Semple, Raymond Arnold, Alex Main and Sally Wild have editioned prints with this studio.

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